Free Costume Giveaway Options

Love Free.jpg


2 piece body wear with option of full High waist panty. Head, neck, arm and leg pieces included

friendship front.jpg


3 piece body wear bra, bottom, and off the shoulder crop top, head, arm and leg pieces included.

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Trust - Blue

Monokini Option Only includes head, arms and leg pieces.

Life -Green free.jpg


Monokini option comes with a short cape, head, arm and leg pieces)

Collar is not included.


Omega - Power (Men Section)

White shorts with head, arm and leg pieces

Pay$150 for your wristband which will give you access to the Fusion Mas truck on the parade route, costume lunch and snacks, and drinks all day. You have the option of choosing from 4 different costumes and there is a male option as well. Costumes will be available for purchase on August 16th until they are sold out.

You can customize your costume for an additional cost just make sure to purchase the wristband select the custom option for the color section you would like and email us at