Poseidon's Garden Bacchanal under de sea.
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About Fusion Mas

FUSION MAS, INC. a Caribbean Masquerade Band created by a group of revelers that yearned to present the captivating colors and splendor of Carnival. Having years of experience not limited to playing mas at Carnivals worldwide, combined wealth of over 10 years of experience in customized event planning, specializing in curating signature experiential events and concerts, paying close attention to the audience needs ensuring the event experience stays with them forever. Fusion Mas members have fused together to produce the right balance of fete, fashion and food that will expose masqueraders to a memorable display of the Caribbean culture through a production that boasts the unique grandeur of CARNIVAL!

For 2016 we have rebranded Fusion Mas band to focus on presenting our masqueraders with a tailored Carnival experience first and foremost. As a proud member of one of South Florida's largest annual cultural event known as Miami - Broward Carnival we aim to hit the road showing the world a tailored carnival experience enhances the overall image and expectation of reveling on the road. Miami-Broward Carnival, event takes place every year in early October over the Columbus holiday weekend with over 20 masquerade bands, that attracts in excess of 75,000 spectators and participants to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, gracefully exposing countless amounts of people whom have never traveled to the Caribbean, gives them a glimpse of our Caribbean Heritage.

Though the Carnival is based in Miami, Fusion Mas vision has never been exclusive or limited to that region. With contributing members from New York, Texas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Toronto, Barbados, the United Kingdom and Trinidad & Tobago, Fusion Mas in itself has been a catalyst to exposing the carnival culture. Along with participating in the Carnival, Fusion Mas also plays host to various events throughout the year both in Miami and New York including outdoor soirees, boat rides, the monthly event "Fusion Fridays" that is the signature event starting in the summer months leading up to Miami-Broward Carnival where costumes are displayed for all to see. As we continue to grow among the Band fraternity, we have also incorporated contributions to local charities. Join us as we take you on a Carnival Journey throughout the Caribbean.....in South Florida!!!

-- Fusion Mas

Sherwin Sladden


Garth George

Vice President

Kerwin Durham

Operations Manager

Tricia Bramble


Karen Cummings


Dennis Dowdy

Committee Chairman

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Fusion Mas Inc. • fusionmas@yahoo.com • +1-305-771-1MAS(627)

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Sherwin Sladden, President • wildmeatent@yahoo.com
Garth George, Vice President • foreignbass1@gmail.com
Kerwin Durham, Operations Manager • rumhoesintl@live.com
Tricia Bramble, Treasurer • triemmy@hotmail.com
Karen S. Cummings, Secretary • karencummings81@aol.com
Dennis • Gbear2k4@gmail.com
Tazzo • Trinitaz@hotmail.com
Sherlene • sherlenegeorge@aim.com
Roderick • bajan_kid@hotmail.com
Thalia • tmichel1212@yahoo.com

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The Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing a safe, family festival in South Florida and outlying areas, fostering community pride and civic involvement, and providing critical opportunities to the Caribbean people in South Florida to share the Caribbean culture, promote cultural exchange and build economic cooperation in the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment of South Florida.

Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee is the organization formed with representatives of two separate Caribbean Carnival organizations – Miami Carnival Inc. (founded in 1999) and Broward Caribbean Carnival Inc. (founded in 2005). Miami Carnival – an event that began in 1985 – has been held at various locations in Miami-Dade County every year since then. Broward Carnival – an event that started in 2003 – was held at various locations in Broward County every year until 2008. In 2009, the two organizations negotiated a Management Agreement which allowed for one Carnival to be held in Miami and Broward. The Kiddies Carnival is held in Broward in 2009. The two organizations came together under the name "Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee"; four representatives from both organizations were appointed to the Board. Articles of Incorporation for the new organization were filed and Bylaws were approved. After the 2011 Carnival, it was agreed that all Directors of the two umbrella organizations would be appointed to the Board. After the 2011 Carnival it was also agreed that the name of the Carnival would be changed to Miami Broward Carnival.

Miami Broward Carnival is held annually on the Sunday before Columbus Day, which is always the second Monday in October.